Summer always seems to end so bitter sweetly and this year is no different. I was lucky enough to travel with my family but also took some short trips with friends. I always like to recap at the end of each summer to remind myself to be grateful of all the great things I get to experience and the people I get to experience them with.

We kicked the whole thing off with a lot of lacrosse for The Dude followed by some more lacrosse for The Dude. Me and The Big Guy may or may not have gotten a little (or a lot) sunburned for Father's Day while sitting on the sidelines. But on a positive note we finally were able to tell The Big Guy that we were taking him to Colorado and Utah to celebrate his 40th birthday, that was a secret we'd been holding for months.

This will be remembered as the summer we finally completed the patio and pizza oven...this was taken the first day we really got experiment with it. These two ate more pizza that night than I've ever thought possible.

I finally got to have dinner with my girls when all of our kids' activities and schedules finally calmed down in the warmer months. We have been friends for 25 years and it doesn't matter how much time passes, it's like we are 15 years old all over again. There's no one I laugh more with.

Just a few days later The Big Guy, Avy Gravy and The Dude and I all hopped on a plane to Denver, Colorado where we began one of the coolest road trips I've ever taken. Driving through the Rockies, stopping for lunch in an awesome town called Salida and then making one more step at Blue Mesa Reservoir for a quick pic.

We finally made it to our destination, Telluride, CO. which would be home for a few days. My husband has been here several times in the winter to go snowboarding but never in the summer...and it was a first trip for the rest of us. It was such an awesome town and I've never seen such friendly people in my life. And I've literally never done so much physical activity on a vacation ever.

Day One we hiked...a lot. And breathing at 9,000 plus feet is not easy. The Big Guy and Avy Gravy seemed to fair much better than me and The Dude. Then we took the scariest ride I've ever been in the back of pick up truck, 7 miles up the side of the San Juan Mountains to Imogene Pass, 13,000 feet above sea level. Don't worry, I only actually thought we would die like 3 times. I'm slightly smiling in the pic below because I was out of the truck and on solid ground....and was apparently in denial that I had to get back in and good all the way down.

We white water rafted in the rain but spent evenings by the fire at the hotel or in Mountain Village...literally haven't been that relaxed in years.

And on our last day in Telluride we hiked to Bridal Veil Falls which was on this guys bucket list. The following day we left for Utah and that was another unreal drive. I've never been able to see that far at one time and there was literally nothing for miles upon miles.

Now I need to get serious for a minute. Utah is really hot in the desert in the middle of July. Like 108 degrees hot. And The Big Guy was like "let's hike in Arches National Park" and I was like "yeah I don't think so, I want to live" But we did see Delicate Arch from a far and were able to the short hike to see the "Windows."

And then that night we took an insane sunset Hummer tour on the petrified sand dunes in Moab. Not as scary as the ride in Telluride but close. Really freaking close. The next morning we drove all the back to Denver and spent some time with my oldest friend and her little family. We took a short trip to Boulder for lunch...that is a town I could live in! It was definitely and awesome trip and I would highly recommend making a road trip out of it and I'd even recommend the death defying tours.

Avy Gravy turned 13 just 2 days after we got home so we celebrated her and The Big Guy's birthdays with some tacos at our favorite Mexican spot.

And a few days later I got back in the car and take for the Hamptons with one of my girls and got to visit two of my favorite boys for a few days. Lotta laughs, lotta wine, lotta good food...don't hate me because it was fabulous.

A trip to the shore house with the kids was in order following the Hamptons trip. We celebrated my mom's birthday with a lobster dinner cooked by my brother in law and it was unreal. We spent some much needed time with our toes in the sand and the kids rode the waves and played paddle ball. That is my happy place.

Finally we celebrated a family wedding where The Big Guy and I danced all night...he needs no egging on to get on the dance floor, it's his thing, but I do. But once we were out there together it didn't matter that there was literally no one else for a long time, we could have fun in a paper bag as long as we are together.

Thanks for the memories did NOT disappoint!