You are probably sitting somewhere sweating. I mean seriously, it's September and the heat and humidity here is RIDICULOUS, plain ridiculous. And you probably are getting used to the idea of your kids being back in school and asking yourself why it's this hot in September. And then you go to certain stores and see Halloween and fall decorations and think "Are you kidding me?" while you sip your 1000th iced coffee of the summer. And some stores have Christmas and holiday decorations up and you call your friend and say things like "Can you believe this? How can anyone think about Rudolph and hot chocolate while I'm melting faster than a snowman in hell?"

Brace yourself. I'm going to tell you something that will make you want to throw stuff at me. My holiday cards are already in their envelopes and stamped. Seriously. And you know why? Because we all think we have soooo much time between now and the holidays and then magically it sneaks up on us and we're like "What happened to the last 3 months? And you scramble to find those pics on your iPhone you like or the email from the photographer with photos of your kids sporting toothless grins and hop online in the middle of the night only to fight with a website to get it all done so you can get them in the mail before New Year's Eve.

I'll bet some of you already got your photos taken, so are you waiting for the leaves to change to feel like it's appropriate to get those cards done? You don't have to wait to order your holiday cards (with me or anyone else for the matter.) Do it now and you won't have to think about it then. And because I love getting it done early for you I'm going to offer you free return address labels to match your custom design if you order before September 30th. How awesome am I? That's right...super awesome.

So email me today and let's get the snowball rolling on those cards.