Years ago one of my sisters in law asked me to create wedding invitations for her wedding, she wasn't like the typical bride I usually work with....she really left the design up to me as long as it went with her color scheme. The possibilities were endless! I had been itching to do something other than the typical flat card; so I proposed we do a three paneled card where the reply card was the last panel with a perforation so it could be torn off and mailed back by the guests. She was in and the CKV Signature Wedding Invitation was born! I wasn't sure how it would be received by future clients but the brides and grooms continue to fall in love with this style years later. So let's get into why it's so awesome, because really that's what you want to know, right?


CKV clients are fun and unique individuals looking for invitations that fit their personalities and the CKV Signature Invitation is perfect for that very reason. We have done everything from gritty rock and roll themes to retro tropical to elegant and traditional and anything in between, including a Gothic Halloween themed wedding! This fun and bride and groom opted for a taller version of the CKV Signature Invitation in black and ivory with elegant typefaces and delicate borders. As I always say...the sky is the limit.


Closures aren't essential but are a fun way to add more personalization to the CKV Signature Invitation as well; belly bands with the couple's names and the date or location are great but we can also customize it with your wedding logo or the location. Ribbons, either knotted or tied in a bow are also a beautiful option and for something rustic we LOVE hemp twine.


If you analyze a typical invitation suite it includes an invitation, reply card and maybe an accommodations or details card, the later both being fairly small cards. But the CKV Signature Invitation has so much more room it's scary! So it's great for a destination wedding or a wedding that will have lots of other events or info you need to relay to guests.

Since the reply card is a full panel of the invitation it's got plenty of room for responding to all of your events or indicating entree choices, requesting specific songs or listing where they plan to stay while in town (helpful if you are including gift bags in guest's hotel rooms.) There's plenty of space to provide directions, accommodation options, dress code and really anything your heart desires.


The CKV Signature Invitation can be very cost effective both as it tends to be lighter than most invitation suites since it uses less paper so postage is almost always the same a standard stamp. And postage is a cost most couples don't anticipate but it creeps up on you. And the invitation typically requires fewer passes through the presses which can also drive down the cost, who doesn't love reading that phrase?

So if you are looking for something a little different than the norm but still organized and fun the CKV Signature Invitation might be just the thing you need!