Wedding invitation tips, advice, etiquette and mailing

Being armed with the good advice is the best way to combat wedding stress. I often hear bride's saying "I have no idea what I'm doing, I've never done this before" and I feel for them, I was the first of all my friends to get married so all the mistakes were mine to make. I relied heavily on books and wedding magazines for advice and I listened carefully to all the vendors I was working with. Pinterest wasn't even a glint in someone's eye and wedding blogs (and really blogs in general) were a thing we all were confused by and made fun of saying things like "When will that fad end?" ...clearly never and obviously I jumped on the bandwagon.

But I think every bride needs a short list of the do's and don't when ordering their wedding invitations...these little tips will help make the ordering and mailing process a breeze. Long posts about the why and the how are fun too but today's busy bride very often wants to know what to do or not do but doesn't need an explanation of why, she trusts trust me, this is time honored and universal advice.

Wedding invitation advice, etiquette, ordering tips from an expert