Let's get real, all weddings require a lot of planning and details and I don't think destination weddings are any harder but they are most definitely different. I think the best thing you can do is work with a wedding planner from the area who can guide you to great vendors and all the insider details only the locals know. After that there are a few simple hacks for your invitations and save the dates that will not only help you but more importantly your guests, because let's face it, traveling and planning, etc. is overwhelming to them as well! So let's get to it.

1. SAVE THE DATE! I don't recommend a save the date to all brides in all scenarios, but for a destination wedding I absolutely do. You should include any and all information you have at this stage of your planning process such as accommodation information and a time frame of events so your guests can plan when to arrive and depart. Of course you should put your wedding website on it if you have one and if you don't, get one. A website is a great place to store all the details of your wedding. 

2. CUSTOM MAPS If your guests aren't familiar with the area then providing a list of hotels and possible attractions to enjoy is so abstract you'll have them googling and mapping and honestly, that's no fun for anyone. Make is easier by giving them a map! I want to know how far the hotels are from the reception, where's the beach, where can I shop, where's the send off brunch? And you can include this on your save the date or your wedding invitation or better yet...both! 

3. EVENTS CARD Include in your invitation suite a simple list of events or attractions for your guests to enjoy. You can be as brief or as elaborate as you wish. Locations, day and time are the essentials! Just be sure that if you are including such in information it should be something that everyone receiving your invitation is invited to, i.e. don't list a Bridal Party Brunch that just your mom and bridesmaids are invited to, send a separate invitation for that event.

The sum total of what we are driving at is...give them all the details you can as soon as you can. Send it with the save the date, make a website and send it again in the invitation! You'll field a lot less questions and your guests will have a much easier time planning their time away as well because after all you want them to have FUN!