It's totally Summer....it's really finally finally here!!! The only thing missing this weekend was the beach, but when you live on the lake, the ocean can wait. Friday I had an awesome afternoon on the boat, basking in the sun and drinking tropical cocktails. Actually basking is not the right word, I don't bask, I slather myself in an SPF 70 and hope for a cool breeze which I totally got but the tropical drink part is definitely accurate. 

Yesterday The Big Guy took me to see Hedwig and The Angry Inch in the city and that was amazing. The show was hilarious and Darren Criss was unbelivable as Hedwig,  I can't get over how physical that role is. For dinner we had some seriously fabulous tacos that were so spicy my face was melting off with even spicier Diablo cocktails but eating outside in NYC was so worth it.


Today (after sleeping in) I took Avy Gravy strawberry picking...it was the most crowded I've ever seen the farm but well worth it! Avy however was not a fan of the heat (note she theived by favorite Prada sunglasses.) 


And now The Big Guy is grilling while I make strawberry shortcakes with fresh whipped cream. Yay Summer, you're a rockstar.