Happy Easter to those celebrating! If you're like most of us maybe life has gotten in the way and you haven't had time to decorate your eggs yet...I've got you covered. I'm never thrilled with pastel eggs from a kit, the colors aren't bright enough and everyone's always look the same, boring. So this year I tried marbled easy and has awesome results. All you need is eggs, room temperature water and nail polish. Seriously nail polish.


So here's what you do... fill a small disposable container about half way with room temperature water, I used a plastic takeout soup container. Drip your choice of nail polish on the surface of the water. You can use one color or multiple colors, I used just kelly green for some and mixed in mint and gold foil for others. Swirl a toothpick in the nail polish to create the marble effect...don't over do it. Wear a disposable glove and dip your egg in the water and let it gently sink to the bottom. If my eggwasn't  completely covered I rolled it under the water to a place where there was still polish sitting on the surface and lifted out there to cover the empty spot. I put them on a paper plate to dry but could use some fancy drying situation you've concocted in the past.


Avy Gravy made some fab neon marbled eggs too...


I finally love my Easter eggs for the first time ever. Super glam, super easy and super unique. I've used this marble technique for other things too so experiment with candles, small picture frames, bud vases and really anything you want to look this fab.