A message to our clients in honor of Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day last Friday I wanted to take a minute to let you know that not only do we care about the quality of our work but also how our work impacts the planet. As much I love my job, I want to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible so I'd like to share some of the ways we do that.

First and foremost our standard choice of paper for wedding invitations is cotton and we use that wherever applicable. Cotton paper doesn't actually come from the cotton plant but rather the leftovers from the textile industry which are discarded. These fibers would be otherwise discarded but instead the paper industry turns them into the luxurious and rich paper used for the most important of invitations. In that same vein we also utilize soy inks as opposed to their more harmful counterpart, petroleum based inks.

For announcements, invitations and note cards we use bamboo paper, not only is it a renewable resource and doesn't require a lot of water and grows with no pesticides or fertilizer it also produces more oxygen than other trees and grows very rapidly.

Besides our choice of materials we also reuse whenever and wherever possible. We reuse all packaging that our deliveries arrive in...sometimes your order may arrive in a gently used shipping box, that means that perhaps an order of envelopes was shipped to us in that box. The same holds true for the padding materials and air pillows that cushion your order. We in fact have not purchased extra padding for packaging in some years now. And these measures also help reduce your cost as the consumer. So we win, you win and hopefully we are helping future generations in a small way.