The kids are back in school and that means Summer is over for me...the pool is closed, The Dude has his first football game this weekend and Ava is already getting lots of homework. Last night I had my first pumpkin latte. If I made sad faces out of punctuation I would totally do that here. It was an awesome but short Summer and we packed in a lot of fun and a tiny bit of relaxation so here's a quick look back before we start talking about apple picking and Halloween costumes!

We kicked off Summer by "running" in the Color Vibe Run on our 11th wedding was an awesome way to to celebrate! I knew the kids would love it but even Big Guy even got into it when he decided to screen print "team" shirts for all us and our friends...and he bought us all bandanas to wear too (wait, he didn't wear his? How am I just realizing this now?)


We celebrated my brother and new sister in law's wedding in July...kicking off the festivities with a pig roast and The Big Guy's first official crawfish boil the night before.

And then the most gorgeous day of the entire season for the wedding, I may or may not still be trying to recover from the reception. What. A. Party.

I took the nuggets to check out the highest spot in NJ, the High Point monument which they thought was so cool. They could see forever! (And The Dude is loving that bandana still, obviously.)

We hit up an ice cream festival at a local farm with my niece and nephew on a cloudy Sunday; I had the most insane basil ice cream and have been on the hunt for a good recipe since then so if you have one, send it my way.

We spent countless hours at the pool....


and even more at the beach....sometimes in the rain, sometimes when they were acting too crazy and others doing yoga and such. Namaste)


and of course more ice cream at our favorite spot...

...and an ice bucket challenge.


But alas it's over. They had their first day of school this week (totally cried when I dropped them off, they are growing up too fast) and now I'm thinking about holiday cards, Fall baking and slow cooker recipes so I'm throwing in the white flag...I give up Fall. You are here and you're not going anywhere, I get it. I'm going to go make a martini and celebrate making it through the unofficial first week and thinking about all the great memories we made.