I am lucky enough that my mom has a house down the shore (if you're not from Jersey that means "at the beach") and we were able to spend a long weekend there with my mom and stepdad, a few of my nieces and nephews and 2 out of 3 of my brothers.

We spent a quiet Friday on the beach in the most gorgeous of weather, my 2 mini yogis got their namaste on with some inversions.

Ava practicing her tripod

Avy Gravy perfecting her tripod and The Dude working on his headstand...the couple to his left were very impressed.


Surf Taco for dinner...of course. Fish Tacos Baja Style are the ONLY way to go when you are at the shore; add chips, every kind of salsa they have and the large side of guacomole and well, put a fork in me, I'm done.

And then you have to follow that up with ice cream from Sundae Times! Superman for my super handsome dude...chocolate chip mint for my freckle faced beauty and for me...mocha almond fudge. I just gained 6 pounds typing that.


Day 2 brought a lot of laughs with 2 hilarious uncles, paddle ball on the beach and lobsters for dinner! I retired last year from boiling the lobsters myself after an unfortunate mishap when the lobster slipped from my hand half into the pot...it was not a slow or painless end and I may have cried for forgiveness from that lobster for several nights as went to sleep....but I'll admit to nothing. Needless to say, the boys were in charge this time.

Day 3 brought Avy Gravy an awesome belated birthday gift from her Uncles...a Polaroid camera, which got put to excellent use all day and well into the night when her cousins arrived...they took this around midnight when they should have been asleep. Hey Team Dance, you're all punished.

And on a not so sunny morning what do you do to keep 5 kids busy while you try to clean and pack? You make cork sailboats (we really don't drink a lot I swear we just have 6000 corks in a vase)...and let the kids race them in bowls of water on the porch. Thanks Pinterest, you always come through for a gal.

Sand in my toes, sun on my face, some one begging me to bury them or take them in the ocean...another great weekend down the shore....