I've got to get it together and plan my kids' birthday celebrations so while I've got that on my brain I'm throwing it back to one of my favorite party invitations I've made for them. When you have two kids with Summer birthdays the best solution is a joint party, at least it is in my mind. I let the kids pick their own theme, the rules were it had to be gender neutral and they had to agree completely. They quickly settled on Shrek which I thought was great, The Dude asked to turn the backyard into a royal swamp so that set a very strong theme for the invitations! I decided to step outside of the envelope and do a boxed invitation which got rave reviews!

shrek birthday party invitations

The actual invitation was printed like a royal document on white shimmery paper in a slimy ogre green and adorned with a Shrek themed monogram. Then they were rolled into a scroll and tied with a satin ribbon. I lined white boxes with real moss, butterflies and green flowers and then placed the invite on top of the moss. The box was sealed, wrapped in a shimmery pink and labeled with a wrap around address label.

Now...what to do for this year's parties? Stay tuned I guess!