Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous mom's out there. I hope you all get exactly what you want today...which is probably breakfast in bed (with a mimosa of course, cheers!) followed by a clean house that stays clean all day, using the bathroom all by yourself, your children asking your husband to do things for them instead of you and just so you don't have to clean your kitchen: having dinner at your favorite restaurant which won't include cutting anyone's food or wiping anything off their face. I've got my fingers crossed for you ladies.

baby kisses
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I'd like to wish my mom a really special Happy Mother's Day. She is the very best woman and role model I could ever have. I know everyone thinks their mom is the best, but you're wrong, mine is. Her love for her kids and her grandchildren is immeasurable. I can't begin to list all of the amazing things she has taught me and done for me and my family; all can hope is that one day I will find the right words to tell her how much I love and appreciate her. Happy Mother's Day Mom.