Today I'm doing something different. Well I'm going a lot of things differently today....

I'm very close to launching a brand new website followed by some brand new offerings, it's like my baby (well my third baby, let's not discount Avy and The Dude) This is something that I have been working on for months, possibly years but it always seems to get pushed aside for other projects. In 2014 I committed myself to making sure that didn't happen.

So I'm learning to say no. That's hard. My time for work and time for family already fills up 26 hours out of my day and where do I possibly fit anything else? The answer used to be "I don't know but I know I'll figure it out." But really who and what suffers when I say that? My kids, my husband, me...and my work and my vision. Not acceptable.

So today I'm not hosting Easter brunch for the first time in I don't know how long. Normally right now I'd be following my perfectly timed schedule for cooking a meal I carefully planned for the past 3 weeks, worrying my kids will make a mess of the house that I spent cleaning for the past two days and contemplating whether or not my centerpiece has enough tulips. I love it but it don't. I love having everyone here, I love cooking, I love preparing the table but I've realized I don't need to do it every holiday, so I'm not.


Right now I'm drinking coffee on my couch while my kids play with the crafts from their Easter baskets (and eat some candy but don't tell my mom), I'm going to make them some amazing lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes in a bit; we'll color some eggs when we feel like it. Later we'll have dinner with my parents...at a restaurant. And that's it. And that's all it needs to be. This year I said no...to myself, and that's ok.