gothic balck halloween wedding invitation with wax seal and raven

Liz and Ari said Halloween....then they said Gothic...then they said costumes....and then, I freaked out. Halloween is my favorite holiday, hands down....not Friday the 13th with blood and guts but think more Edgar Allen Poe. And that is what this fun bride and groom were looking for and I have to say I think we delivered.

gothic halloween wedding invitations in black and ivory with wax seal

Liz and Ari opted for what has fast become one of our most popular concepts which is a tri-paneled invitation with a tear off RSVP post card. The bride and groom wore masquerade masks and used them as props in their Save the Date photos and they wanted to see a hint of that in the wedding invitations so a small silhouette of a mask was placed front and center as part of the invitation panel.

gothic black halloween wedding invitations with wax seal and crow
gothic black and ivory tri fold halloween wedding invitations with black wax seal

We wrestled with this wording for awhile but I think we came up with a great way to invite guests to wear costumes, or pieces of costumes with out having anyone showing up dressed as a cow or killer clown.

gothic halloween wedding invitations costume wording

An elegant mix of type faces really takes this suite to the next level.

gothic halloween wedding invitation in  black with ravens and crows

And seal everything up with a custom black wax seal crafted especially for the bride and groom...Halloween perfection.

gothic halloween wedding invitations with black wax seal

Congratulations Liz and Ari, wishing you a ton of happiness and love today!