I'm not gonna lie....I was NOT a fan. Purple, in any shade is probably my least favorite color. I don't think I've ever been excited about purple, on any level. But I wanted to like it, I really, really did. It's taken awhile (hence the delay in writing about it) but it's grown on me, like only a flower could. I'm not ready to dive in head first but my feet are in the shallow end. So with that I'm ready to sprinkle it around the house in subtle and temporary ways like this gorgeous room below. The key here being little to no commitment, the flowers will die, the photo can be changed and the chair can be reupholestered.

Image Source

Image Source

I've found some really fab objects that can add a little bit of the pop this color brings to a room without making it too girly or juvenile which I think is an easy road to travel down with any purple. Pick up a sample size jar of it at Lowe's and paint an accent wall, chair or just get a blank canvas and slather it in radiant orchid brushstrokes...instant art, how do you not love that? Best of all, when 2015's color rolls around or you can't take another moment with this one, paint over it. I think my favorite thing to pair it with is gold, which I currently have a minor obsession with (ok, it's actually totally major but whatever.)