We've all driven by the house with holiday decorations left up way past a holiday's expiration date and had a's a common sense guide on how not to be the neighborhood idiot.

Image: Martha Stewart Living


Don't put out your Halloween decorations before October 1st...Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, ever. If you put out the decorations too early you run the risk of looking The Addams Family, and that's not a compliment. You've got one week to take down the Halloween decor...again Addams Family, not cute.



This is sort of easy...since Thanksgiving decor is almost synonymous with fall decor, minus the turkeys, you can get away with the leaves and pumpkins, etc from September right thru to December. But don't overlap your holidays, take down the Thanksgiving items before the Christmas decor goes up. 


We all know this is the biggest one for appearing aren't Macy's or Bloomingdale's so you don't need to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving has passed, even if you don't decorate for Thanksgiving. My family always picks out our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and that's the earliest I think is acceptable. That bad boy and all the decor comes down no later than one week after New Year's Day or you will be the butt of all the neighborhood jokes. If it's Valentine's Day and you still have a giant blow up Santa Claus in your front yard, you're a Christmas Psycho. If every time you close your front door brown needles fall off your wreath, your a psycho. If you are toasting Saint Patrick or thinking about Easter outfits and you still have lights on your house, guess're a psycho.


Similar to Thanksgiving and Fall, Easter's decor mirrors Spring decor...that said you have one week after you clean up from your Easter Brunch to ditch those plastic eggs hanging in your trees (BTW...please don't do that, it looks so weird) and no one wants to see those Peeps after that either. And if you want to learn how to make that cute wreath, click here.

Any other holiday need not require so much decoration or thought but really it's these four that will leave your neighbor's talking and my friend's kids yelling out the car window as they pass your house in May "Christmas is over take down the wreath!"

Now get your Halloween decor ready...tomorrow you've got some decorating to do!