Avy Gravy and The Dude both have Summer birthdays, traditionally we have one party, that means they have to agree on a theme...uh not so easy with a 9 year old girl and 6 year old boy...he wanted superheros and she wanted art (love her.) Thank god for Pop Art and Roy Lichtenstein because I was able to blend all the graphic superhero items with some very colorful (rainbow) elements to make a great marriage of the ideas! I'm so happy with the way the party turned out...and I made everything from the photo booth back drop (click to view the how to) to the cake to the paper flowers. I'll show you this week but for today here's a peak at how the party went down!

Ava wore her hair like Frida Kahlo and she and I both wore Pop Art themed clothes from H&M. The cake was rainbow on the inside, yellow paint can (because yellow is Avy Gravy's current obsession) and Spiderman on the outside. The ribbon chandeliers really dressed up the tent and the kids played "Pin The Smile on Mona Lisa" (I ordered a 3x4 foot architecture print for $4.99 at the UPS store of the Mona Lisa, printed funny cartoon smiles, cut them out, blindfolded the kids and had them try to pin the smile on her) and we finished the day with Rice Krispies treat paintbrushes. We had a small spot of rain but all in all it was great party and a fabulous day!!