Hand made gifts are great but I'm definitely not a fan of crafty, patchworky ridiculousness so when I make a gift I have the intention of making a piece of art not a "craft"....but that doesn't have to mean you need special skills or talent to achieve beautiful and meaningful results. This is a SUPER easy and adaptable baby gift that every new mom will love. 


What you need: 

a onesie 

freezer paper 

flexible fabric paint 

craft knife 

sponge for stenciling 

1. Gather all of your supplies, check! 

2. Choose an image to paint on your onesie, I chose a horse but you could choose a silhouette of any animal, a basic shape or you could even do bold graphic words or letters (monogram.)  Cut a piece of freezer paper to 8.5x11. Print out the image directly on the freezer paper the exact size you want it to appear. Freezer paper is just coated paper so it will run through almost any printer.

3. Cut out the image using a craft knife. 

4. Lay the freezer paper stencil on your onesie wherever you wish (mine wrapped from the front around to the back) and iron it using your regular household iron. Be sure all the little pieces are ironed completely to the fabric so you avoid any paint bleeding underneath the stencil. 

5. Use the foam "brush" and the flexible fabric paint to fill in the image. Usually 2 coats works well but be sure to allow the first coat to dry before applying the second. After the second coat is completely dry peel the freezer paper off the onesie....it will come off cleanly and not leave behind any residue. 

Wrap it with a bow and a tag and be sure to include washing directions (read your brand of paint's instructions for first time washing, etc. } And there you have it...an adorable and unique baby gift from the heart!