My kids' Superhero Art Party was a ton of fun to plan, I did however break one of my most important party planning rules....YOU CAN'T MAKE EVERYTHING!!! I subscribe to a balanced ratio of party planning...I make 3 lists titled: Buy, Make, Delegate. If the lists aren't close to the same length something is wrong...this time the Make list was MUCH MUCH longer. But I think it paid off so I'll give myself a pass. 


On to the fun! I wanted everyone to be able to take pictures at the party a la photo booth style, a big party trend. So I wanted a backdrop that pulled in Avy's Art theme. This is so easy, anyone can do it, you don't have to be an artist, the kids can help, you can keep it forever and you can do it well ahead of time and just hang it the day of the party. I put a sign next it that read "If you Instagram #avyandthedude" so people could share their photos with other guests. This is a good idea for an event even if you don't have a "photo booth."

Ok, let's get started!


What you need: 

 roll of canvas

gesso or white primer

acrylic paints

sticks or brushes


Pennant banner, optional 


1. The dimensions of your backdrop are up to you. I wanted adults and children to be able to take pictures in front of it so I needed it to be tall and still look good all the way down to the ground where the little kids would sit. Mine was 7 feet tall. Lay the canvas out on the ground. 

2. Roughly prime the backdrop using gesso or white primer, I wasn't careful about filling in the every single inch, I wanted to see brushstrokes and I left the edges unfinished and unpainted so it would look more painterly. 

3. Thin acrylic paint with water in whatever colors you choose in bowls. You want it pretty thin so it will splatter nicely but the color is still concentrated. I used rainbow colors but choose whatever works with your theme.

4. Splatter each color starting with the lightest first and working your way to the darkest. This will avoid mixing colors and turning the lighter ones, like yellow, into muddy messes. I used sticks and the end of paint brushes and I only splattered down from the top, you can splatter in any direction you want. I also lifted the top of the banner so the paint would run a bit and cause drips after each color. Splatter as much or as little as you like, I wanted to have a lot of white show through so I splattered less. And this is super important...Let it dry in between each color!

Hang it using pushpins and add a banner zig-zaging over the top if you wish, I'll show you how I made my banner next week. I covered an ugly door in my backyard with the back drop, hooray for double duty. You can keep the canvas rolled up and use it again if you want. This also makes a cute tablecloth for a dessert table at an Art Party so maybe make two?! I just increased the length of your Make list didn't I?

PS...how handsome is my nephew, Jaxon?