Avy Gravy was invited to spend a few days a Stitched Fashion Camp last week and since she's sans driver's license I was chauffeuring her to East Hampton. I needed something to occupy my time while she was learning to become the next Coco Chanel. Well I think The Hamptons, I think Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. I absolutely LOVE Ina. Her food, her smile, how cute she is with Jeffrey, her husband. The Hamptons isn't that big of a place so I was determined to find her...armed with a list of her hot spots from her cookbook (typed for me by my fabulous friend Megan) I set out to find my girl. In the rain. 


Fist stop....Main Beach, East Hampton, maybe she doesn't like crowds and figures this is the perfect day for a visit. 

Ok so it's ridiculous to think that anyone would have been on the beach in the rain...maybe she's with my other girl Martha (as in Stewart)...

They must not be home....time for lunch. Mary's Marvelous in East Hampton, a cute shop with fab sandwiches and other goodies, on Ina's list of favs so fingers crossed!

Awesome lunch but no Ina. They have what they refer to as mini sandwiches and since I couldn't decide between the sopressata, fresh mozzarella and pesto and the goat cheese, parsley, garlic and roasted red peppers, I got both minis. I recommend gum after the goat cheese and garlic, and lots of it, your friends will thank you.

Speaking of cheese, maybe Ina wants to make her own lunch I checked her fav cheese shop in Sag Harbor. Not here either.

Alright the sun is coming out! Maybe she wants seafood with this turn of the weather..

....or maybe not. Ina girl, I'm starting to lose hope, where are you???

Time to refuel and gather myself.

Starbucks Skinny Caramel Macahiato, this has nothing to do with Ina, this is all me. 

So on to Bridegehampton after gathering my hope and caffeine fix...first stop, Loaves and Fishes. Ina is here all the time on the show...but not today. I almost tried the $100/lb lobster salad just to say I did (and see what that would even taste like) but I like my husband and if I did he had have me committed or divorce me. Next up, the spot where I'm sure she'll be.... 

Bridgehampton Florist...Ina's BFF Michael's shop. I figured he could tell me where she is...guess what. He wasn't there either. Ugh. What is the deal? 

I did however pick up some gorgeous hydrangeas for my hosts Rob and Joe so it wasn't a total loss. 

Speaking of this not being a total loss, the brownie from Mary's Marvelous. My treat after a long drive from the Hamptons to the Jersey Shore that night. This was easily the best brownie EVER.

So while I didn't find my girl, Ina...I found fabulous flowers, amazing sandwiches, beautiful rainy beaches, delicious cheese and what I can assume is delicious lobster salad and a life changing brownie. Her hotspots are really a great way to tour The Hamptons, thanks Ina...maybe next time?