What a busy two days it's been. Yesterday I was finishing Avy's closet makeover (post to come and I can't wait to share it) and had dinner with some of my family for my fabulous mother's birthday! Service at dinner was horrible but that was outshined by the great company. And the funniest part of dinner was clearly the bathroom in this little Italian place in town that was a cafe in a former life... one of my closest friends, Robbie Younkers and I painted the bathroom a la Jackson Pollock in a contest. We won. Almost 20 years ago. And it's still the same! Crazy. Check out our latest collaboration here.

Today my front entry makeover began with serious coat of red paint on my front door, post to come when that is finished to so stand by.

Now I'm in my studio designing a three dimensional campfire themed birthday party invitation, working on the new website and looking forward to an afternoon trip to New York tomorrow for another birthday party! 

My mom with a handful of our family. Happy happy Mom! 

The famed bathroom husband sneaked pictures while on a hand washing excursion with The Dude, it's the Men's Room. Look at our hand prints next to the sink!!

I remember how hard we worked to get the paint up these 15 foot ceilings! 

After dinner I asked The Dude to pose for a picture and he laid down on the sidewalk and this is what we got.  Note his "vending machine ice" aka plastic diamond dollar bill necklace.

New front door color....Formula One, Pantone. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!