Last week I had to make my own oversized envelopes (click here to see) for my kid's birthday party invitations and I wanted to show you the simple method I use to do it. I had to make a lot of envelopes so I created a template to trace and worked all my measurements out with that so I didn't waste any colored paper. If you only need to make one, skip the template and go right to your final paper but use super light pencil marks to lay it out! I recommend reading through the tutorial before you begin just so you are clear on why you are doing each step.



Invitation or card

Colored, patterened or specialty paper plus a scrap piece

Adhesive of your choice 

Craft knife



Washi tape (optional) 


Determining your measurements is the most complicated part of making envelopes but if you follow the formula below it should work for almost any size envelope you need to make. My invitation is 5x10"...

1. Lay your invitation or card the way it would look in an envelope. Measure it's height and width and add 1/4" to both, write those measurements down. Then add 1" to the width. Add 2" to the height, plus the height of the invitation, minus 1", write down these measurements.

Ex:  5x10" invitation becomes 5.25x10.25"

        Determine the width: 10.25" + 1" = 11.25"

       Determine the height: 5.25" + 2" + 5" - 1" = 11.25" 


2. Cut scrap paper for template to measurements determined in Step 1.  In my case 11.25x11.25"

3. Measure from the bottom of the paper up, the height of the invitation, minus 1". Make a mark on both sides and connect with a line.

4. Measure from that line up the height of the invitation plus .25", make marks on both sides as you did in Step 3 and connect with a line. 

5. You should be left with a 2" space at the top of the page. 

6. Measure in .5" from the left and right sides respectively and make a vertical line on both sides. 

7. Cut away the areas shown above using your craft knife and ruler.

8. Using your craft knife, taper the flap at the top and the side flaps as shown above. This will make folding easier when you put your envelope together. 

*If you are only making one envelope and you are not making a template, skip to Step 11. 


9. Cut your final paper to the same dimensions as in Step 2. Place your template on top of it and trace it very lightly in pencil.  

10. Cut away areas shown above using a craft knife and ruler. 

11. Score using your ruler and a bone folder or back of the blade of the craft knife (lightly and carefully)  the areas shown above. Scoring is indenting the paper but not cutting through so you will have a nice clean fold when you assemble your envelope.

12. Fold along the scored lines. 

13. Fold tabs in on the sides and apply adhesive to the back of the tabs, you can use double sided tape, an adhesive roller or a glue stick. 

14. Fold the bottom up over the tabs and press to stick them together. And you are done! 

You can place your card or invitation in the envelope and seal it by running some adhesive along the flap and fold it down. I skipped that and used Superhero washi tape to match the invitation.


Customize your envelopes by choosing patterned papers or colors that coordinate with the item in side. You could even do this with newspaper, a page from a magazine or one of your children's drawings. Or stamp paper with coordinating images or draw/doodle on a piece of colored paper before turning it into an envelope to create something totally one of a kind!