Today is our 10th Wedding Anniversary! And while on one hand I can't believe it's been that long, I look at our wedding album and see how much we and everyone has changed and think about all the things that have happened since June 28, 2003 and it begins to feel like a lifetime!

Our wedding was one filled with laughter, family and favorite things in life. The wedding was black and white, not a stitch of color to be found, exactly what we wanted. My dress was Vera Wang and my hair inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's high bun on Sex and the City. His tux: classic with no frills, the way we prefer everything. We had all of our siblings in the wedding and a few friends bringing the total bridal party to a whopping 21...and I guess you could say this was where we lost the simplicity! But I'm one of six and he's the oldest of eight so that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I designed our cake and centerpieces along the invitations and table cards...all of which were named after different kinds of martini's. We sat at the Perfect Martini and our favor was the recipe for the Perfect Martini and a donation to Cancer Research in my father's memory.  And to really drive home the theme, we had a Martini Bar! White roses were a recurrent theme throughout as they were part of our engagement story; so they became the only flower in our bouquets and centerpieces.

The guest book was a silver leafed old fashioned photo album with black pages, we asked guests to sign using a white gel pen in any way they saw fit...this was where our guest's personalities really brother and oldest friend Kate actually played Hangman to spell out "Congratulations." And my friend Debbi drew a bride and wrote her well wishes, so adorable. That book is one of the things we most cherish from our day.

It's been an amazing ten years and I can't wait to see what the next ten have in store! I think marriage is a lot like your wedding: you look back on it and there are some things you'd differently but those are just details, when you remember the day, it's the best day of your life in every way...just like he's the best thing in my life in every way.


PS With all my love...



Photography | Ashley Rose Studios

Venue | Il Tulipano