My niece's birthday was in May and Avy Gravy and I were itching to make a Fairy Garden kit for someone and she was the perfect candidate! Avy said she was like a little Tinkerbell. So we gathered all the things we thought would attract a fairy to a garden with the help of the craft store and my supply closet! This was as much fun for me as it was for her...maybe more. 

First of let me start by saying all of the ingredients of the box are up to you. I will tell you exactly why we choose the things we used but go nuts choosing whatever you want. 

We created the idea of a magical pink fairy with golden wings who loves sunsets and sunrises. She loves birds and feathers and being mischievous and used this as a base for our items. 



Lightweight wood box with top

Small birdhouse on stick, painted white

Bag of stones

Bag of pink and gold glass stones

Bag of moss

Sculpey clay mushrooms (how-to in a future post) 

Glitter Glue

Fine Glitter

Various items including: pink feathers, clay post, key, Mini birds nest, wooden spools wrapped in coordinating string, a mini topiary tree and feather and glitter butterflies. 


1-2. We painted the birdhouse ($1 at Michael's) white,  painted glue along the roof and sprinkled with gold and pink glitter. Let it dry and glued in a clump of moss at the opening and a butterfly to the edge of the roof.

3. We left the box unfinished so it can placed outside with worry of contaminating the garden with paint. 

4. We wraped wooden spools ($1 at Michael's for 4) with string that match...or you could use old spools of the thread. These will make great seats for the fairy.

5. Then we began to fill the box with a bag of rocks and bag of pink clear pebbles for my niece to make a pathway. Moss is a nice addition so she could line the dirt with it as a flooring. We used a little crumpled kraft paper to bulk up the middle of the box.

6. We placed the Sculpey mushrooms in the box, it's always better to group "like" items rather than spread them around the box.  

7. A little moss in the nest and clay pot, and we laid a vintage key (scrapbooking supply), decorated it with a pink butterfly.  Then came the birdhouse and add the feathers, topiary and the spools of thread.

Lastly we put the lid on, wrapped it in twine and added a tag. On the back of our tag we put instructions regarding how to set up the garden: fill box 3/4 of soil, create a pathway with the rocks and pebbles, lay the moss down for the fairy's feet, etc. and we included our description of the fairy and what she likes and doesn't...just be creative and use your imagination.