I have been collaborating with Rob Younkers on projects since we were awkward teenagers creating ridiculous pieces of art and dying each others hair in his mother's basement, so this project has a special meaning to me. We've both grown up and out of the  bad hair dye, thank god. Rob is now a fashion designer and Adjunct Associate Professor at Parsons the New School for Design in The School of Fashion. He has worked for Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Patricia Field, Vogue Magazine, Elie name a few....


CoFounders Joe Zee and Rob Younkers

Now Rob and partner Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle Magazine, are launching a concept Rob has had for a long time: a two week fashion camp in the Hamptons for budding young designers, ages 10-14.  I was thrilled when he asked me to come on board to work on the branding. We started with the logo, then moved onto shooting all the photos for the website with Hao Zeng. The photos were a huge component of the website concept and Hao did an amazing job! after Rob and Joe narrowed down the photos, I began designing the website with the feel of a magazine in the back of my head. Peter Fedak, sprinkled his web developer dust on it and made it function. This was a labor of love and friendship and a great collaboration between Rob, Joe, Hao, Peter and myself that I think we are all very proud of! Here are a few pages from the site (and yes, that's Avy Gravy, Joe and Rob's biggest fan!)

Those are just a few images from the website...but be sure to check it the whole thing out for yourself.


Cheers and Good Luck on your new venture Rob and Joe!