My nephew turned 4 in May, for his birthday we decided to make him a mini version of The Dude's Turbo Boost Jet Pack! The original idea came from a

...soda bottles + a few supplies equals TONS OF FUN!



2 16 oz. soda bottles*

5x5.5" piece of corrugated cardboard* 

3 pieces of, orange and yellow

1 package of straps and 2 adjusters

black pearl halves, available at craft stores

alphabet stickers

silver spray paint

hot glue and glue sticks

craft glue


*For large jet pack seen above use 1 liter soda bottles, 7x5.5" piece of cardboard and extra piece of red felt for larger flames



1. Remove labels from empty bottles, wash and dry.

2. Use stickers to spell out "TURBO" and "BOOST" on each bottle, be sure to have the opening of the bottle pointing towards your body and spell the words from bottom to top. 

3. Spray each bottle with silver spray paint, I used a spray paint with a "hammered" finished for more texture. Let dry.

4. Peel stickers off and clean up any flaws where spray paint leaked by scraping with the tip of your craft knife.

5. Cut slots 1 1/4" long for the straps in the cardboard, each is half an inch from the side and one inch" away from the top or bottom, respectively.

6. Spray with spray paint and let dry. 

7. Cut length of straps in half to 2 equal parts. Follow instructions on the adjuster package for weaving the static end. To secure the strap around the adjuster, I folded half an inch up and glued, then folded another 2 inches and glued it into place so I would have a clean edge.

8. Weave the other end through the cardboard slots and do the same with the lose end as above with the hot glue to hem the end.

9. Glue the bottles to the cardboard by placing a dab of hot glue just above/below the slots for the straps. Hold in place.

10. Trace flame shapes onto the felt, 2 in each color. Red largest, orange medium and yellow is the smallest.  

11. Cut out the flames.  Leave enough extra felt at the top of each flame to be glued into the bottle. 

12. Make the flames by stacking the 3 colors and using a dab of glue at the top to hold them together. 

13. Put glue in the opening of the each bottle and press the flames into place. 

14. Add "bolts" by using black pearl halves and a small amount of glue along the ridge at the top and bottom of bottles, and add a row down the side of each.