My house is decorated in neutral tones: warm grey, chocolate brown and white (with sprinkles of black). I like an interesting mix of textures: leather, woven fabrics, canvas accented with metallics to spice it up.

But I also like to splash accent colors around as the season change. Since it's Fall I'm sprinkling orange everywhere! and I love how it warms everything up.

Orange roses are unexpected but honestly grocery store roses are cheap for a dozen and my best advice is the heads of the roses should be just above the top of your vase and your vase should be filled with water to the top. A florist once told me they only drink water as high as the water level in the vase...I have no idea if this is true but it seems to make my roses last a long time! 

And orange pumpkins are too typical...I went for white pumpkins with small accents of orange and green...way more chic. 

An orange throw goes along way...if your dog will share it. But he's cute right so I'll share with Buddy.  

Even something as simple as displaying magazines with orange will help your cause.

And some how burning pumpkin spice candles and having white pumpkin diffusers all around my house even makes it smell orange...or smell Fall...or whatever, you know what I mean.  Decorating is about all the senses so don't forget smell.

Happy Fall and Fall decorating!