We recently surprised my step dad with a great birthday celebration with close friends and family. We invited all of the guests to toast or roast him throughout dinner so the night was filled with funny anecdotes and beautiful sentiments. My older brother gave a brilliant toast which honored exactly who my stepdad is and what's most important to him and that is his family.

My oldest sister decorated the tables with framed photos that all of my brothers and sisters brought from their homes which made for quick, easy yet meaningful decor. My Aunt ReRe made a beautiful slideshow that she played throughout the night. It was loaded with pictures of her and my step father at the beach, their favorite place. Seventy candles on the cake may have burned the restaurant down so I decided to make my own numbers for the cake and keep the fire department at bay...tutorial on the numbers to come later this week. It was a wonderful night had by all and a great tribute to a really special guy! Happy 70th birthday Peter!

And of course yours truly made the invitations. I thought it was fitting to go with a bamboo card printed in black and white with a graphic mix of fonts. The whole thing is accented by a tiny bit of red and then enveloped with a brown kraft envelope that always keeps it masculine and casual.