Photo by Meredith Mascola Photography

 Welcome to The Asylum, where I chronicle my adventures as a stationery designer but also as a mom to Gravy and The Dude, wife and partner to the love of my life, daughter to the best mom there ever was, sister to more siblings and in laws than you can count, an aunt to 22 nieces and nephews and friend to an amazing and inspiring collection of people. My passion for design, art, food, parties, friends and family are on display here everyday.

The word “asylum” is defined as being a shelter, sanctuary, haven, retreat or home…but for me the choice to name my blog “The Asylum” actually began with referring to my house as an insane asylum…. the combination of my two young children, my husband who owns his own business, our hyperactive Boston Terrier, Buddy and my billions of projects often make our house feel like an insane asylum. But it is also a comforting place where I design for my clients, entertain friends and family and cook and bake for my husband and kids.

 I’m often asked “When do you do all of this?” and the answer is always “all the time”….I’m always working on something. Here in The Asylum you can literally see when I do it, how I do it and even sometimes how I fail to do it. It’s not always pretty or perfect but it’s always honest and it’s always fun. I love making things and I always try to find the easiest means to a simple and elegant end.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people I admire; their passion, creativity and knowledge are sometimes featured in guest posts. I firmly believe in the saying “it takes a village…” and I love being able to introduce you to my village!

Enjoy your look around The Asylum….make yourself comfortable and check back often for new posts, designs, stories and tutorials.